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January - No meeting




This is kind of repetitive...
Do get out and check all of your storage areas for mice.  Enclosed areas need to be watched especially when there is plenty of snow and when the weather is cold.  The rodents will take up residence and eat everything in site.  I try to check every two weeks.  It was a bit longer after this recent cold spell, and all the poison was gone, possibly a couple of small branches in the cold frame. 

Treasurer Needed!!

Jenny has decided to trade her position for more time.  We are in need of a new treasurer - PLEASE volunteer.  There is not a lot of time required, but we do need to fill the spot.

New Look

While it is a new look, it is really a new site.  More will come as time allows.  This will give us a place to have some dynamic content (do look at the FaceBook Feed).  I may actually try to incorporate that to the home page if it is possible.   I have tried to add both Twitter feeds and YouTube Feeds, but they seem to suffer bizarre failures, even though properly configured.  I assume that at some point, they will work and there will be more content from those sources.

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