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Next Meeting

Our next meeting is in June Saturday - Nursery crawl

I don't have a date yet

Also, there is a chance the web site will be down for a bit, as the miserable company called Iserv is cancelling my circuit.  This is after asking ME to commit to a 2 year contract.  These people are inept at best.  Avoid them and spread the word.

I must move the site to another server, and I don't know if I can do it before the lowlifes cancel my internet access.





Web Site Outage (Iserv)

My apologies for the recent outage. 
I would like to give proper credit.  Iserv bought out the company that I used for internet access some years back.  The circuit was a special digital line.  They did nothing but take money and let the equipment degrade.  About five (yes at least five) years ago the service became flakey.  I have sent capture after capture to them and they did nothing.  Maybe a year ago, they suggested that they were considering eliminating the service.  But last September, they came to me admitting that their equipment was suffering and indicating that they would fix it if I signed a 24 month contract.  I grumbled about the fact that they had taken my money in bad faith for years, but signed.  

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The article is here

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