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April 15        Shohin maples workshop



A fascination with interesting pots

As the title suggests, I am fascinated with interesting pots.  While you can go overboard with too much "splash", it is also easy to be boring. This article will be about more colorful pots and I may do another on more interesting designs later.  I might add to this at a later date as well. Some or all of these may be for sale and I will provide links. 

Treasurer Needed!!

Jenny has decided to trade her position for more time.  We are in need of a new treasurer - PLEASE volunteer.  There is not a lot of time required, but we do need to fill the spot.

New Look

While it is a new look, it is really a new site.  More will come as time allows.  This will give us a place to have some dynamic content (do look at the FaceBook Feed).  I may actually try to incorporate that to the home page if it is possible.   I have tried to add both Twitter feeds and YouTube Feeds, but they seem to suffer bizarre failures, even though properly configured.  I assume that at some point, they will work and there will be more content from those sources.

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