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June 10        Air layering and thread grafting workshop



Just don't do it.. ... ...

This crap is all over the internet.  I just don't understand why Amazon cannot stop it.  I have protested to EBay as well.  Japanese maples do not make leaves with colors like the stuff you see below.  It must be that 3 bucks is a good amount of cash for these people.  They know you won't protest much less remember where you got them.  It is outright fraud nonetheless.

Odds on freezing temperature in Michigan

Table 1. Percent probability of temperature of 32°F or lower occurring on or after date given.

This will set some hair on fire

The myth of drainage material in a pot was originally posted in the Facebook section here by Walter Pall.  This is all about capillary action. 

You really should read this...

Repairing rodent damage - the is by Bill Valavanis and is in the RSS feeds, but I wanted to highlight it here.