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March 17 - Bring a tree to repot; more to come




Just don't do it.. ... ...

This crap is all over the internet.  I just don't understand why Amazon cannot stop it.  I have protested to EBay as well.  Japanese maples do not make leaves with colors like the stuff you see below.  It must be that 3 bucks is a good amount of cash for these people.  They know you won't protest much less remember where you got them.  It is outright fraud nonetheless.

Odds on freezing temperature in Michigan

Table 1. Percent probability of temperature of 32°F or lower occurring on or after date given.

Things to notice

I have grown quite fond of interesting pots.  One day soon I will do a post on them.  They can be as fascinating as the trees.  Most artist will suggest that you not skimp on the pot.  If you have good tree, get a good pot.

A fascination with interesting pots

As the title suggests, I am fascinated with interesting pots.  While you can go overboard with too much "splash", it is also easy to be boring. This article will be about more colorful pots and I may do another on more interesting designs later.  I might add to this at a later date as well. Some or all of these may be for sale and I will provide links. 


This is kind of repetitive...
Do get out and check all of your storage areas for mice.  Enclosed areas need to be watched especially when there is plenty of snow and when the weather is cold.  The rodents will take up residence and eat everything in site.  I try to check every two weeks.  It was a bit longer after this recent cold spell, and all the poison was gone, possibly a couple of small branches in the cold frame.