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January - No meeting




This is kind of repetitive...
Do get out and check all of your storage areas for mice.  Enclosed areas need to be watched especially when there is plenty of snow and when the weather is cold.  The rodents will take up residence and eat everything in site.  I try to check every two weeks.  It was a bit longer after this recent cold spell, and all the poison was gone, possibly a couple of small branches in the cold frame. 

Cold Weather and winter chores

We have had a couple of rather cold weeks with some snow.  Do be sure to get out to any of your bonsai shelters and ensure that you have plenty of rodenticide in place.  It is best to check every two weeks.  The cold weather will drive the mice and such into the shelters and you really should be sure to keep them well "fed".  

Did you notice?

Most years as winter approaches, we see a good many stands of Michigan Holly with the bright red berries.  They last for a while and are either consumed by wildlife or drop to the ground.  This year there were no berries in the lower part of the state.  I also did not get berries on Porcelain Berry or Beauty Berry plants.  My assumption is that the late spring freeze we had interfered with the flower production.