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Next Meeting

Oct 21          Pine maintenance  BYO  (possible dwarf witch hazel workshop too)

Actually, there are a couple more winter hazel trees - I somehow got the date wrong and brought them to the wrong meeting...




Trouble with a pine -- Updated

I have been busy... Two elderly parents and one hospitalized.  My schedule isn't what it should be.  I am kind of in plant maintenance mode as opposed to plant management mode.

Just don't do it.. ... ...

This crap is all over the internet.  I just don't understand why Amazon cannot stop it.  I have protested to EBay as well.  Japanese maples do not make leaves with colors like the stuff you see below.  It must be that 3 bucks is a good amount of cash for these people.  They know you won't protest much less remember where you got them.  It is outright fraud nonetheless.

A fascination with interesting pots

As the title suggests, I am fascinated with interesting pots.  While you can go overboard with too much "splash", it is also easy to be boring. This article will be about more colorful pots and I may do another on more interesting designs later.  I might add to this at a later date as well. Some or all of these may be for sale and I will provide links. 

Odds on freezing temperature in Michigan

Table 1. Percent probability of temperature of 32°F or lower occurring on or after date given.

Things to notice

I have grown quite fond of interesting pots.  One day soon I will do a post on them.  They can be as fascinating as the trees.  Most artist will suggest that you not skimp on the pot.  If you have good tree, get a good pot.