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NOTE:  No meeting in May - support the All State Bonsai event in Grand Rapids, MI

June 10        Air layering and thread grafting workshop



Here’s a topic I never planned to address – protecting bonsai from hail damage.

Spring is typically a season for letting bonsai grow freely. For black pines, some of the main tasks include fertilizing and removing young pine cones.

I seldom write about Swamp maple, Acer rubrum ‘Drummondii,’ not because you can’t make nice bonsai with them but because I have had no success collecting larger specimens and maintaining them past a few years.  In about year three they start rotting from the chop point down the trunk, and that’s when the fight begins […]

It’s been a couple of years since I repotted my big Willow oak, Quercus phellos.  Last year I named him Rip Van Winkle, because he waited until May to finally bud out.  (I was afraid he was R.I.P. Van Winkle.)  Anyway, when I did the repotting back in 2016 I tried something different when I […]

You know it’s a good day when a bonsai display makes you do a double take.

Chinese Elm – 8/4/14                         Chinese Elm – 4/4/18 Not bad for four years’ work! The progression has been updated too.

Spring is my favorite time of year in the garden. It’s also a rather challenging season when it comes to watering.

Few trees in my garden better demonstrate the use of sacrifice branches than the pine below.

I’ve been following the same approach to creating pine bonsai for the past few years now. It’s time for a change!