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Next Meeting

No meeting in August - consider attending the Midwest show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens

We might adjust the date of the September meeting so that members can go to the National show in Rochester

Be sure to check here for September news.



One thing I like to do when I bring new trees into the garden is to give them a close look. I don’t always stop to appreciate all of a tree’s good or bad points when I’m shopping so I try to take the time once the trees come to the garden.

With the fall bonsai exhibits still two months away, now’s a great time for some last minute show prep.

Join us on July 28-29, 2018 for a Fire Sale! to reduce plant material to allow me time to teach, train bonsai, publish International BONSAI and organize the US National Bonsai Exhibition.

I’ve enjoyed growing a small potentilla for the last two years. As a deciduous shrub, I can appreciate the structure of the branches in winter and enjoy the flowers in summer.

When performing side-veneer grafts on conifers, it’s important to provide extra humidity for the scions to prevent them from drying out. Two popular approaches for doing this are to cover the scion with a small plastic bag or wrap the scion in stretchy material such as paraffinic tape or Buddy Tape.

Japanesse maple trained by Bob Blankfield from a small bare root stump grown in one of my beds a few years ago. Ok, more than a few years, something like two decades. Come to the US National Bonsai Exhibition in September to see this beautiful bonsai in person.

This past spring, as the deciduous bonsai in my garden began to leaf out, I noticed several dwarf flowering quince began to die back. Over the next two months, about half of these chojubai died.