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Oct 21          Pine maintenance  BYO  (possible dwarf witch hazel workshop too)

Actually, there are a couple more winter hazel trees - I somehow got the date wrong and brought them to the wrong meeting...




Two years ago this month, Daisaku Nomoto did a demonstration at the Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association convention in Olympia, Washington. His helpers were Boon Manakitivipart, Matt Reel and Tyler Sherrod – quite a team! Here’s the finished product.

Here’s another black pine that’s slowly regaining vigor. There’s plenty of new foliage on the strongest shoots, but many of the weaker branches have just a few new needles each.

I’d like to write a few articles this season about fall work for pines, in particular needle-pulling and thinning.

The variety of accent plants on display at the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition was fantastic. Here is a small sample.

The Bonsai Society of Portland and Pacific Northwest Bonsai Clubs Association presented the 2018 Northwest Bonsai Rendezvous this month in Milwaukie, Oregon. The event was a big success! Three days of workshops, critiques, and demonstrations made the time fly by. Just steps away, a high quality exhibition featured some of the region’s best trees. Here are some of the highlights accompanied by notes from the exhibit guide.